What to expect from your reading.

Cyndi is a gifted physic medium who makes connections and delivers messages using her abilities to tune into your past, present and future. By connecting with the spirit energy surrounding a person, she is able to read relevant information about an individual. Cyndi delivers messages directly to those who are present from people who are no longer living. Information comes from the dead, spirit guides and angels. Spirits come to Cyndi in clairs; she can SEE (clairvoyance), HEAR (clairaudience), and FEEL (clairsentence).

Readings are as individual as you; spirit guides who are connected to your life come to Cyndi with messages specifically for you. It is important that readings are performed in a quite and private spot (in person or via phone), and without outside interruptions. This allows Cyndi to bridge between the spirits and the physical world.

In Person Readings

Cyndi will start the reading by asking you to say and spell your complete name to start a clear connection. With both the spiritual connections to her guides and through the use of tarot cards, Cyndi will touch on many areas of your life. You may have a specific question when coming into the reading, it is recommended that you listen to what the spirit guides say throughout the reading – your question may be answered during the reading.  At the end of your reading you are welcome to ask Cyndi questions; if she hasn’t already touched on the subject, she will explore a bit further.



Note : Guest should arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time to ensure they receive a full reading. Late arrivals for the scheduled reading time will result in a reduced length of reading at the original cost quoted.

Readings may be required to be paid for one week in advance. Payment is available via PayPal. A 50% cancellation fee will be applied to appointments cancelled 48 hours or less of the scheduled appointment time.

Readings for Groups

(Minimum of ten people – Maximum of twelve people)

A full day of group readings for friends/colleagues can be arranged at your location. Travel fee for locations outside of the GTA will be applied. A quiet and private room is necessary to allow Cyndi to connect with spiritual guides. A table and two chairs are needed for Cyndi and the guest for readings. Each guest in the group reading will have a private reading over the 5 to 6 hour reading time. The host is responsible for the coordination of the guest time/order for the readings. Please ask guests to arrive early for their reading to allow Cyndi to stay on schedule and have enough time to read for everyone.

Phone Readings

Cyndi is available for personal phone readings.  Once a confirmed booking time has been scheduled guests will be provided a phone number to connect with Cyndi. Collect calls are not accepted and it is advised that calls be made from a landline if possible (this allows for the least amount of interference and results in a clearer reading). 


Cyndi is frequently in the Greater Toronto area, Northern Ontario, select U.S. locations and Hong Kong.

Ask about her upcoming schedule so that you can connect with Cyndi for your personal reading.


How to prepare for your reading:

Think of the questions you want answered and write them down. This simple exercise helps you to focus your energy; it is not for Cyndi to read. The more positive energy you exhibit, the more your spirits and loved ones can come through during the reading. Come to your reading with an open mind and belief that the spirits have messages just for you. Plan to have time after your reading to relax and contemplate the depth of the messages from the spirit guides.


Readings are for entertainment purposes only. By paying for and accepting a reading you that the messages, information and advice given to you by Cyndi Tryon is not intended to take the place of legal, financial or medical advice from qualified professionals. The choices you make and actions you take in reaction to the reading are solely your responsibility. Cyndi Tryon will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients of readings based on information during readings. The spiritual energy and messages that Cyndi receives is passed on to guests during a reading, but 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Guests requesting readings must be 18 years of age or have the written consent of a parent/legal guardian.